Alain Gsponer - Germany

In the Swiss Alps live Heidi, an eight-year-old orphan girl, and her grandfather. She makes friends easily and everyone knows that they can always count on her, but an unexpected visit

changes her life.

Release date: December 2015.




Your Brazilian version


In 1994, Tempo Filmes®, a company in the field of video education, started to offer “Brazilian versions” within our national tradition of excellence in dubbing. And it all began in the same area of expertise from where the company originated: documentaries, video education and children's programs.


Our team applied the same principles that underpinned the production of our videos and educational programs to dubbing and subtitling: research, text editing and the highest quality in translation, adaptation and actors’ direction. Later, we moved from documentaries and educational videos to works of fiction and feature films. Throughout the years, we have met the expectations of a demanding clientele by offering, in addition to dubbing and subtitling, English language versions, co-production, program production services and M&E creation.


Aware of the need to democratize the access to audiovisual content, we also focus on accessibility by offering audio description, descriptive captioning and BSL (Brazilian Sign Language) window services.

We use “Digidesign Protools®” solutions, and our capture and mixing studios are all equipped with “Apple MAC PRO®”. At our internal park, we have secure Linux servers that are monitored 24/7 by S.M. Synergy, a company that provides specialized security solutions in IT.





Dubbing is a powerful instrument for preserving the cultural identity of a people. Considered by many to be the best in the world, Brazilian dubbing finds its best version at Tempo Filmes through the effort of an excellent team of translators and proofreaders, creative and consistent pre-production work and extraordinary actors’ direction.




Tempo Filmes® does subtitling of documentaries, films, cartoons and reality shows for all media in several languages.



By combining the use of advanced technology with artistic care, Tempo Filmes® creates Music & Effects for your video​​




Now, Tempo Filmes® also offers audio description, Brazilian Sign Language (BSL) window and descriptive captioning services.

All our products are translated and revised by a highly qualified team and rely on careful research. Our team ensures that the content of your product is conveyed with the greatest accuracy and in the most appropriate way.


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We at Tempo Filmes believe it is our role to actively participate in projects that aim to improve the society in which we live.



Our commitment is expressed, first and foremost, through the ethical and transparent relationship that Tempo Filmes establishes with its staff, contributors and clients.



The work carried out by the Tempo Filmes team has always been guided by a deeply humanist perspective and a special concern with the preservation of our biodiversity and the protection of wild and domestic animals. Meet the partners and friends with whom we collaborate:


Mucky project (Projeto Mucky): protecting Brazilian primates


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