Welcome to Tempo Filmes, where our passion for storytelling comes to life through exceptional dubbing and subtitling services. Since 1994, we’ve been dedicated to bringing the magic of audiovisual content to audiences in Brazil and beyond.

Our team is driven by a deep commitment to research, translation quality, adaptation, and actors’ direction to ensure that each project we take on is a masterpiece. We understand that every story is unique and deserves to be told in a way that resonates with audiences. That’s why we take the time to get to know our clients and their vision, and work tirelessly to bring it to life.
As we’ve grown over the years, we’ve expanded our services to include Latin American Spanish dubbing and Game Localization. Our clients have come to rely on us for excellence, and we take that responsibility seriously. When you work with Tempo Filmes, you can rest assured that your project is in the hands of experts who care deeply about your success.

At the heart of everything we do is a commitment to accessibility. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the joy of audiovisual content, regardless of any barriers they may face. That’s why we offer audio description, closed caption, and BSL (Brazilian Sign Language) window services, to make sure that no one is left out.

We can’t wait to be part of your journey and bring your story to life.




Dubbing is a powerful instrument for preserving the cultural identity. Considered by many to be the best in the world, Brazilian dubbing finds its best version at Tempo Filmes® through the effort of an excellent team of translators and, creative and consistent pre-production work, and extraordinary actors’ direction.


At Tempo Filmes®, we take pride in having the best team of professionals to adapt and dub songs. Our team includes experienced translators, talented music directors, and expert voice actors who work together to create high-quality adaptations that retain the meaning and emotion of the original lyrics.


​At Tempo Filmes®, we take quality control and mixing very seriously. That's why we have the best technicians in the business, who ensure that every production that leaves our facility meets our high standards of excellence. Our team is equipped with high technology equipment and deep industry knowledge to handle all of our clients' audio needs. We have the ability to mix in 2.0, 5.1, and Atmos. From start to finish, we ensure that every detail is perfect, so that our clients can have complete confidence in the audio content we deliver.


By combining the use of advanced technology with artistic care, Tempo Filmes® creates Music & Effects for your video.


Tempo Filmes® offers subtitling services in several languages for all media, including documentaries, feature films, cartoons, and reality shows.


At Tempo Filmes®, we understand the importance of having a diverse voice cast to bring any project to life. That's why we're proud to offer over 500 unique voices for our clients. Our goal is to not only create the best possible dubbing for each project, but also to bring new voices to the market. 


​Tempo Filmes® also offers audio description, Brazilian Sign Language (BSL) window, and closed caption services. All of our products are translated and revised by a highly qualified team and rely on careful research. Our team ensures that the content of your product is conveyed with the greatest accuracy and in the most appropriate way.


We're thrilled to announce that Tempo Filmes® is now offering videogame localization services! After months of planning and preparation, we've gathered the best team in the market to tackle this exciting new endeavor. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to delivering top-quality localization for all videogame projects. We understand the unique challenges that come with videogame localization, and we're committed to ensuring that every aspect of the game is expertly translated and adapted to fit the target market. We're ready to take on any project, big or small. We believe that videogames have the power to transport players to new worlds and tell incredible stories. That's why we're so excited to be a part of this industry, and to help bring these amazing experiences to audiences in Brazilian Portuguese. 


Our team of talented narrators brings your favorite books to life, captivating listeners with their voices. Whether you're an author looking to convert your written work into an engaging audio format or a publisher seeking top-notch narration for your catalog, we have you covered.


We use Avid Protools®, and our studios are equipped with Apple MAC PRO® and  top-of-the-line equipment.

We can easily connect and record with clients and talents from all over the world using Source Connect and Session LinkPro.

Tempo Filmes adheres to all the best practices of ISO 27001 and undergoes penetration tests conducted by A.X InfoSec LLC every six months.

Our team regularly participates in update courses on cybersecurity, social engineering prevention, and anti-phishing practices.



We at Tempo Filmes believe it is our role to actively participate in projects that aim to improve the society in which we live.
Our commitment is expressed, first and foremost, through the ethical and transparent relationship that Tempo Filmes establishes with its staff, contributors, and clients. The work carried out by the Tempo Filmes team has always been guided by a deeply humanist perspective and a special concern with the preservation of our biodiversity and the protection of wild and domestic animals.
Meet the partners and friends with whom we collaborate:
Mucky Project (Projeto Mucky): protecting Brazilian primates